The Inaugural Post!

April 2, 2014
Salt of the Earth Bakery has a new home!  It feels really great to say that. I’ve been waiting to say that for a long, long, time. And I have had to keep it quiet up until today for fear of  jeopardizing our operations. But the fear is over, the doors are open, and we are now up and running in our shiny new home.

Three years ago, we started a family business selling baked goods that I design. Since the start, we have been baking in a third-party facility, but the time came that our growth both allowed us to and necessitated that we get our own place. It has been scary, pressure-filled, exhilarating, educational, hair-greying,…And now we’re done and I can scream from the mountaintop (or my MacBook) that WE HAVE A NEW HOME!

The entire journey, from the first time I baked any of the goodies that would ultimately make it to store shelves to walking into our newly opened facility this morning, has taken place with my husband (aka the cause of the grey hair). We raise three kids together in Manhattan commute to work together most days, and usually end our day together finishing up work on the sofa (or, realistically, drinking a glass of wine and falling asleep while watching TV). So much goes into starting and running a business and there’s no way you can anticipate everything that you’re going to have to accomplish and overcome. I have loved baking ever since learning at my grandmother’s apron strings as a little girl. It’s a dream come true that it is now my job. But doing all of this as a family business makes it possible and makes it matter so much more for me.

So with that, I sign off on the inaugural post of this yet-to-be-named blog. Stay tuned for musings on the experience of starting and running a business, looks back on the process of building our amazing new home, insight on what it is like to work with one’s husband and brother-in-law, great successes, colossal failures, chocolate explosions, unavoidable peeks into my home life, and of course, recipes.

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