About Us

Salt of the Earth Bakery is an artisanal baked goods company devoted to elevating the snacking experience. Our joy in life is reimagining classic treats, which is why we pair all of our goodies with handpicked sea salts and exotic spices. Our creations are the result of countless rounds of tastes and tests, and nothing goes into production unless it is simply the best we have ever eaten.

Our entire product line is all-natural and certified Kosher (OK-D)

Made in Brooklyn. Available across the tri-state area. 

Everything a cookie always wanted to be. ™

Our Story

 Salt of the Earth Bakery is a family affair and a labor of love.

The SOTEB story began at the tender age of 14 when owners Alexandra and Haskel Rabbani first met at The Ramaz School on the Upper East Side. The pair dated their senior year and attended prom, but as they set out into the world they found themselves at different colleges, University of Pennsylvania for her and Boston University for him. Despite the distance they remained good friends and a constant source of support.

 Alexandra developed a love of cooking and baking from the time spent in her grandmother’s kitchen. Her earliest culinary memories are of marathon cooking days spent preparing for Thanksgiving, cooking everything from the turkey to all of the sweets. Although her love of the kitchen would continue through her life Alexandra found herself back in New York after college working for a trend forecasting company. A referral from a friend led to a subsequent job at AOL working in the business development department.

While Alexandra was getting her feet wet in the corporate world Haskel was persuing his law degree at Cardozo School of Law, also having found himself back in New York. The two reconnected and eventually married in the summer of 2004. While Haskel spent 17-hour days studying for the bar exam, Alexandra toiled away in the kitchen making sweets to help him power through. After a lot of tweaking, a dash of salt and some serious quality testing on Haskel’s part, “The Cookie” was born. In a moment of daydreaming the two thought up a name and took a chance that the name was available and to their surprise it was, so www.SaltOfTheEarthBakery.com became theirs for just under $2.

After 7 years with AOL, and at that point a mom of two, Alexandra found herself in the middle of a major cutback during the 2008 recession that left her figuring out what the next chapter would hold. Although still just a “pie in the sky” dream, Alexandra continued to bake The Cookie for friends and family until one day in 2010 at the continued urging of friends she baked up a batch and headed to a market to test the waters. All it took was one taste and they were ready to place an order. Alexandra and Haskel decided that the timing was right and set out to make Salt of the Earth Bakery a reality.

In the summer of 2011 the bakery began with a soft launch in the Hamptons, popping up at select shops and charity events. They continued to fine-tune their recipes and expanded their product offerings to include the The Chocoholic, The Wild Oat, The Heavenly Oat, The Good & Evil, The Brownie, The Kona, The Mayan, The OMGCB and The Nutty One. With their perfected recipes and a growing fan base under their belt, Salt of the Earth Bakery found its way onto the shelves of Beecher’s Cheese and O Café quickly followed by Fairway, Grace’s Marketplace, Zabar’s, Westside Market, Garden of Eden, Newsbar and many others.

Alexandra and Haskel continue to live in New York with their tasting team, Orli 7, Joseph 5, and Liat 3.


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